UPDATE: Narratives From The Realm

Very excited about this project I'm working on! So many ideas and concepts I have in my mind. One of biggest challenges so far with the Narratives From The Realm project is developing the overall look for each character. I've been going to tons of different websites and thrift shopping as well(we'll be surprised at some of hidden gems you can find at thrift stores).

Right now Im writing the origin stories for each character. The ultimate goal for Narratives From The Realm, is to create a full fledge comic book story arc to the project. But, instead of drawn art, It will be photos in a comic style format. So far I have three characters, but there are plenty of more to come. Take a look at Rymmintal, Ya'Nacekin and Oatha and read their bios and the premise of Narratives From The Realm right here!